Listen To Your Momma!

Listen To Your Momma!

Four days before the first day of Autumn I had the privilege of performing a marriage ceremony at an upscale Country Club.  I knew it was going to be special but I had no idea truly what was about to happen.

Just as everyone was topping up their drinks to take their seats at a lovely venue overlooking the water to celebrate a nuptial that was truly meant to be, I noticed a very last-minute addition to the bride’s side of the attendees.  She was beautiful, yet clearly uncomfortable.  Long brown hair, slim figure and somewhere in her early 50’s, this woman entered wearing “that dress.”  It was tangerine in colour falling just above her knees and shone a ray of cleavage sometimes only seen on the red carpet. Perhaps if another, much younger woman was wearing it, I would have judged her in a way of, “slow your roll sister….show some respect.”  Not this time.  This woman was Audrey Hepburn magnetic.  This half-centurion literally sparkled tangerine with class and oh, so much, showmanship!  Her attempt at being under the radar was a beautiful epic failure.  I totally got it, because as the Officiant of choice, I am also well into that second century of my life and ridiculously invested into physical-self-doubt.

As I left the venue I ran into this distinct lady.  I complemented her immediately like my only purpose for being there was to let her know that she was remarkably worthy.  Somehow, I knew she needed that.  We all do when we are her….

She paused at my praise.  Then she confessed her gnawing insecurity was only trumped by her Momma’s wishes.  At home is her Mom. Battling cancer.  She told her daughter, Linda…wear the dress.  Linda didn’t feel worthy.  She didn’t feel like she was enough to accompany such a statement.  Yet, a total stranger, me, saw her worthiness.  I don’t know if that was because her courage was as bright as her dress.  I don’t know if that was because the love for her Momma entered before she did.  I don’t know if we were kindred spirits greeting to say, “don’t give up girl…go for it!” All that I know is that Linda chose courage that day and she shone brighter than all the glitter and gold within her sphere.  That is the power of humility.  Thank you, Linda, for being lovingly brave.

This post is brought to you by the colour Tangerine.


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