As a Funeral Celebrant, my deepest desire is to bring peace, kindness and authenticity to people when they are faced with taking their initial steps into a life that does not include their loved one.

As a Wedding Officiant the honour to unite couples in a ceremony that reflects the uniqueness of their love story and personalities is a colossal privilege.  Where there is great love, there is always great joy coupled with great fun!

They say, when you are not looking for it, that’s when the miracle appears. That is how I define my work as a Celebrant. The only thing more gratifying or that has sung to my soul, is the experience of being a Mom.

My career has always been a beautiful journey of “people-ing.” Yes, that is a Kellyism. As an entrepreneur I’ve had the privilege of travelling the world seeking and securing more advanced options in healthcare for those in need. I’ve laid the groundwork for change and spent many an occasion on stage as a keynote speaker. My 5ft frame is overflowing with passion and never short, excuse the pun, on dedication to making a positive difference.

Our lives are a myriad of conquests and conquered moments. We have all taken the wrong turn or have achieved more delight than we thought possible. When it comes down to it, we are equally human and remarkable in our own unique ways. To be able to paint a picture of ones’ life journey with words is, for me, my dream come true.




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I partner with families who desire to experience their loved one just one more time.

Authentic Tribute

Everyone is special in their own way. I weave your loved one’s story into a tribute that authentically celebrates them.

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