Helping you experience your loved one just one more time.

What exactly is a Celebrant?

As a Celebrant, I partner with families who desire to experience their loved one just one more time. We spend time together in a comfortable atmosphere to allow a certain magic to unfold. Prompted by questions, or just as an intrigued spectator, I gather up all of the uniqueness of a person that can oftentimes just gush from family and friends.   Their passions, habits, quirks, proudest moments, struggles, stories about pets and tales of “you’re not going to believe this” flow from tear stained cheeks, belly laughs and even through thoughtful silence. Everyone is special in their own way! Then I weave this person’s life into a tribute that authentically celebrates them. Within the tribute I infuse quotes, poetry, pets, the favourite things of your favourite person and great music to soothe the soul. It is, I believe, a deserving moment for everyone.

How Does it Work?

Regardless of how we are initially connected ~ funeral home, personal recommendation or I have already had the honour of caring for a family in your circle, the process remains the same. Our first conversation will be to determine what best fits your needs and desires. If you feel what I have to offer is a good fit then we will schedule a time to meet. Everyone is welcome at these meetings and I invite them to bring their hearts on their sleeves. These meetings are quite precious, cathartic and most definitely a solid step in the healing process. There is no set time limit for these meetings. I encourage a casual and comfortable setting where families can be all that they need to be. You will share stories and most likely have many thoughts on how to participate or contribute to the service. This is a group effort. Once we are feeling comfortable, I will then spend significant time crafting a Life Celebration service that takes everyone through a journey of a life well loved.