The Colour Grey ~ Brought To You By Covid-19

The Colour Grey ~ Brought To You By Covid-19

They couldn’t have picked a better colour to represent Covid-19 lockdown.  It’s the colour of fog.  That misty, illusion creating, hallucinating provoking filter that prevents you from seeing your safe pathway forward.  The more you try to restore your vision, the hazier it seems to get.  Grey is the hallway between the darkness and the light.  Not only do you not know what door will be the next to open, you are completely out of control to kick one down yourself as the warrior in you is now aching for.

Grey in Covid-19 is the residue of the gunpowder that has shot through the life of small businesses.  Truth is, entrepreneurs are no stranger to grey when it was the price to pay for dreaming big and forging forward with faith.  It was the layer that was borne from the premise of “build it and they will come.”

Boutique clothing stores offering treasures that were handpicked by the merchant who dreamt all her life of seeing that special glow emanating from a woman who finally feels beautiful in a blouse that she never thought existed.  Or the hairstylist who wakes up every morning hoping their scissors will revive a neglected Mom’s ponytail into a frame that ignites her smile.  There are restaurants that welcomed in the morning breakfast regulars and perhaps served the lonely widower his daily 7am coffee, eggs over easy with a side of essential connection.  Love comes in many shapes and sizes.  These exchanges were/are essential services when it comes to mutually beneficial, life sustaining, kindness.

The grey also represents the smokie camouflage that those same people try to hide their fear, sadness and the utter emptiness.  They can’t find the “no big deal” fake smile nor do they want to introduce you to the darkness that has taken up some serious real estate in their psyche.  Grey is the colour a musician hears as his instrument lays silent.  It is the colour of the sound bite in an addicts ear that calls out to him louder than his sobriety.  Grey is the colour of the phrase, “I don’t know.”  That is the real answer to most everything lately.  For many it feels terminal unless you can make a better plan.  And to create that better plan you need to have a vision of tomorrow.   The tools and drafting board to reinvent their lives are submerged into the fog. Grey is the colour that coats their confidence that one day, again, they will explode with passion and be reunited with the person in the mirror who reminds them daily of their worth.

In the midst of the grey, there is light.  It is the contrast that keeps us going.  It is the people who may not be personally impacted, but are holding those who are, safely in their thoughts by showing up for them.  Whether that be an unexpected pick-me-up gift or a candid conversation.  If you are one of those people choosing to be the bridge so others can get to shore……I hope karma finds you pronto and gives you a rainbow of your dreams come true.



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